The Alliance and its Members

The Alliance’s goal is to bring together International Health/Tropical Medicine and Public Health institutions. We aim to constitute a forum for interested academic institutions with involvement in Global Health to exchange views and ideas, so as to develop a European voice on Global Health issues and influence relevant policies.

Current Membership of the European Academic Alliance for Global Health


Full Members


Thomas Krafft
Antoine Flahault

Associate Members

Affiliated members

Alliance members have international partnerships in these countries.

Membership criteria

A full member is an academic institution that undertakes the following:

  • 2 or more externally funded peer reviewed projects on dimensions of global health with partners in low/middle income countries
  • Master and PhD level programs on global health
  • Evidence of capacity development/ strengthening activity in collaboration with low /middle income countries
  • Involved in networks for research capacity building/partnership with LIC/MICs
  • Involved in translational activities (research in public health policy and practice)

* Other categories of membership are available for those who do not meet full member criteria